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New Stuff

Royal River Books & Gifts

Whenever there is a vacant store front on Main Street in Yarmouth I hear, “I wish someone would open a gift shop”. I like what that says about our community. It would appear that the lovely folks that live here and visit here enjoy giving gifts and would like more gift giving options. While I…

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Boxed Holiday Cards

We have a beautiful selection of boxed holiday cards this year. Here are some samples of what you might find:

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Perfect Anything Bags

I would often see my friend Sarah Day’s children reaching into adorable, homemade snack bags with a smile on their face.  I, on the other hand, buy a lot of individually packaged snack food.  For some reason I feel like it is better than wasting ziplock bags? I wanted to feature more locally made products…

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We have socks!

We are excited to offer a fantastic selection of fun socks for women, kids & toddlers!

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Red Letter Day Snack Bags & Napkins

We are excited to feature reusable snack bags (sandwich $9, snack $7) and napkins ($5) handmade in Yarmouth by Sarah Day (Red Letter Day). The bright, cheery fabrics are sure to put a smile on your face!  Here are some of the designs that are currently available with new designs arriving soon! These reusable snack…

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Classroom Valentines and Great Gifts from the Heart

With a 7 year old daughter that puts a heart at the end of her name and loves everything pink, we love Valentine’s Day at Royal River Books.  We have a lot of new stuff, including fun classroom valentines, birthstone bottle necklaces, Valentine’s paper chains, new candles from Seawicks, and super cute socks!  We look…

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