Baby vs. Dog vs. Book

A few weeks ago, I received the following email, “No one wants to see your ugly baby in every local paper advertisement and on the web too!  Why don’t you stop procreating you stupid little twit!!”  The email was sent through my website from someone named Sue.  I tried to reply to the email address provided, but it was not a valid email address.

I wanted to ask Sue if she was equally offended by the advertisements that featured my dogs.  I realized that I hadn’t featured my dogs in my ads since I had a baby.  Perhaps Sue just wanted to remind me that I shouldn’t neglect my dogs when it came to shamelessly promoting my bookstore.  They have certainly suffered enough neglect at home.  Fortunately Pete has been able to bestow the love and affection that I have denied them since the introduction of Lila Gail.

Or maybe Sue isn’t interested in seeing any of the critters that I adore and can’t resist showing off?  Maybe Sue would prefer to see pictures of books in my advertisements?  As much as I love books, I can’t say I am drawn to pictures of them.  Maybe excerpts of books would be more interesting?  I don’t know what the copyright issues are around putting pictures of books or excerpts of books in my advertisements.  I suppose I could call the publishers and find out.

I may never know what Sue would prefer to see in my advertisements.  Perhaps she will see this Business Showcase and send me another email.  It is possible that she was volunteering her own services to be the Royal River Books model.  If this is the case, I would be more than happy to feature Sue in my next ad.  If I don’t hear from her, she will have to suffer through more pictures of Lila, Little Man, and LuLu.

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