2nd Grade – Hooray!

The art teacher at Yarmouth Elementary School (YES), Ms. Higgison, was kind enough to let us in to explore the school on Labor Day.  We were out of town during back to school orientation.  Our daughter Lila was starting 2nd grade, which meant a move from Rowe School to YES.

We found the classroom for Mrs. Page-Redmann at the end of the purple hallway.  Lila smiled when she saw her name on a pink star outside the door.  We propped open a side door so we could peak into the classroom window and came upon a lush vegetable garden nestled between the school and the woods.  There were picnic tables resting on a grassy hill.

We walked back down the hallway and found the library with the door ajar.  Lila plopped down in a cozy chair and her face lit up as she noticed the art sculptures and many familiar books.  When we exited the library we saw the faculty pictures on the wall.  Each faculty member was holding up a hand-written sign.  Mrs. Page-Redmann was holding up a sign that said, “Caring”.

While Lila was at Rowe School we believed she was in a very special place that we were going to be sad to leave.  Now I realize that it isn’t just Rowe School that is special.

Sawyer starts kindergarten later in the week.  They are starting a couple of days after all the other kids so the teachers can do one on one meetings with each new kindergartener.  There were several get-togethers for Sawyer’s class already this summer.

Going through the Yarmouth school system with my children has added a new dimension to living in Yarmouth.  There is a lot to raising kids.  It takes a village.  I wouldn’t want to do it anywhere else.

I am lucky to also run a book store in this community.  Thank you for supporting Royal River Books.  I wish you all a wonderful transition to fall!