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Great Graphic Novels

A few years ago I brought home the graphic novel, El Deafo by Cece Bell.  I was looking for something different to read to the kids.  El Deafo is an autobiography in which Cece tells the story about going deaf as a young girl in the 70s.  It was my first experience with a graphic…

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Great Gifts at Royal River Books!

Still looking for the perfect gifts for those hard-to-please people on your list? Don’t worry, head to Royal River Books! Here are 10 good reasons to make sure there are lots of books under the tree this year! 1. Books are easy to wrap. 2. Books don’t need batteries. 3. Books don’t hurt when you…

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Royal River Books & Gifts

Whenever there is a vacant store front on Main Street in Yarmouth I hear, “I wish someone would open a gift shop”. I like what that says about our community. It would appear that the lovely folks that live here and visit here enjoy giving gifts and would like more gift giving options. While I…

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New Faces at Royal River Books

If you have stopped by the bookstore this summer, you have probably noticed some new faces behind the counter and a new four legged friend greeting you at the door.  We were very sad to lose two wonderful staff members early in the summer.  Leslie has relocated to Massachusetts and Becky (and Sunny) are pursuing…

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Happy Father’s Day!

Since June is crazy with the school year ending and graduations, I started to wonder whose idea it was to put Father’s Day on the third Sunday of the month.  I looked on Wikipedia and found that in 1915 Mr. Harry Meek determined that Father’s Day should be on his birthday, which was the third…

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Perfect Anything Bags

I would often see my friend Sarah Day’s children reaching into adorable, homemade snack bags with a smile on their face.  I, on the other hand, buy a lot of individually packaged snack food.  For some reason I feel like it is better than wasting ziplock bags? I wanted to feature more locally made products…

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Socks & Books – Like Macaroni & Cheese!

When Kara, a lovely woman who lives here in Yarmouth, suggested that I might try selling socks at Royal River Books my immediate reaction was, “Socks??” with a puzzled expression on my face.  Then I noticed the socks that were in her hand and immediately fell in love with the baby seals with bow ties…

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Classroom Valentines and Great Gifts from the Heart

With a 7 year old daughter that puts a heart at the end of her name and loves everything pink, we love Valentine’s Day at Royal River Books.  We have a lot of new stuff, including fun classroom valentines, birthstone bottle necklaces, Valentine’s paper chains, new candles from Seawicks, and super cute socks!  We look…

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Treat Yourself to a Day on the Town

I fall victim to it every year.  Shopping for Christmas turns into another task on my To Do list.  I am not good about finding time to do it during the day, so I hit cyberspace after the kids have gone to bed and I have a glass of wine in my hand.  This is…

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20% of all sales donated to YEF Sunday, 11/27

20% of all sales will be donated to the Yarmouth Education Foundation on Sunday, 11/27.  Thank you for shopping local and thank you for supporting YEF!  For more information about the wonderful things that YEF does for the Yarmouth School System, visit: https://yarmoutheducationfoundation.org/

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