Spring Chicken

I am sure it comes as no surprise that I would take this opportunity to write about the flower that has sprouted in our garden this spring, little Miss Lila Gail McNaughton.  Lila joined Pete and I on March 19th.  We were really looking forward to getting to know our bundle of joy and experience all the wonders of parenthood.  What I did not expect was the overwhelming response from the wonderful people of Yarmouth.

Virtually every person I have encountered has expressed well wishes and congratulations on our new addition.  Whenever I make eye contact with someone their eyes light up with a big smile as soon as they notice little Lila.  What a wonderful way to welcome a new person into the world!  Our friends and neighbors have been unbelievably generous with gifts and food.  We have been opening presents every day since she was born.

This outpouring from the community has truly taken me off guard.  I wish I could express more eloquently the impact of your support.  I am so lucky that Lila’s introduction to the world has been so warm and inviting.

If you have been to the bookstore, you have probably noticed some new faces.  I am fortunate to have some great folks helping me out while I divide my time between responsibilities.  Susie (who is not my mother although it would be fun to have her in my family) is usually there on Saturdays with Daisy.  During the week I work in the morning and you will see Heather or Becky in the afternoons.

While we might look a little similar, Heather is a much better photographer and Becky is a much more avid reader.  You might recognize Heather from the Royal River Grill.  You can browse her greeting cards the next time you stop by the store.  If you have been in Yarmouth for awhile, you may have seen Becky as a youngster riding her horse down Main Street.  Be sure to ask her for a book recommendation.

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