Socks & Books – Like Macaroni & Cheese!

When Kara, a lovely woman who lives here in Yarmouth, suggested that I might try selling socks at Royal River Books my immediate reaction was, “Socks??” with a puzzled expression on my face.  Then I noticed the socks that were in her hand and immediately fell in love with the baby seals with bow ties swimming in turquoise water.   Then it hit me – cozy socks, cozy chair, hot tea, and a great book.  I don’t have the real estate to sell chairs and I haven’t explored tea, but socks could be a great fit for the bookstore!

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed going through the catalog.  I have never paid much attention to socks, despite the fact that I spend most of every day wearing them.  I am not a slippers person, so I walk in the door, kick off my shoes and give my socks a full workout as I do whatever I do in the house.

The more I went through the catalog, the more obsessed with socks I became.  There were dogs in costumes, kittys with fairy wings, hedgehogs and hearts, aliens landing on earth, llamas, peacocks, donuticorn (donut unicorns) and so much more!  They had women’s sizes, juniors, youths and toddlers, available in knee high and crew.  It was hard to decide, but I finally put together an initial order.  I have never worn knee highs before so was pretty skeptical about wearing socks up to my knees but included knee highs since the styles were so cute and it is winter.

I was very excited when the socks arrived.  I changed into the hedgehog knee highs so I could try them out.  My skepticism melted away when I discovered how soft, warm and cute these socks were.  I love knee highs!  My new socks made me really happy!

My son, daughter and I all have an awesome collection of fun socks now.  I have thrown out all of our socks with holes, socks that don’t fit right, and socks I don’t like.  I am only wearing socks that I love.  Fortunately, I know where to get them.  Unfortunately, I can’t stop ordering them.  My daughter came home the other day talking about narwhals and I said, “We can get socks with narwhals!”  Great excuse for yet another order!

By the way, socks make great gifts.  Think socks this Valentine’s Day – better for your teeth than chocolate!

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