355 Main Street, Yarmouth Village, ME 04096

Open Mon–Sat 10am to 5pm


Meet Becky

Becky loves living in Yarmouth, working at Royal River Books, and helping customers. She is a long time resident of the town and is excited to take part in a downtown business.  Becky works on Tuesdays as well as some other days of the week and is often accompanied by her dachshund, Sunny. She looks forward to Tuesdays because of the wonderful parents and children who come to hear Story Time with Miss Sheila. She enjoys learning about and from her customers and tries hard to match them with a book they will like, while her little dog tries to get high enough to lick their face.

Becky's love of reading came early and her home was filled with books. As a child she would lie awake until her mom thought she was asleep then she would sit in a tiny rocking chair in her lighted clothes closet to read or draw until late at night. English, French and Art were her favorite subjects in school, as well as Philosophy and Critical Thinking later in college.  Becky likes to dissect books and look at them from an academic standpoint.